Invasive Prostate Massage

Invasive Prostate Massage. Dr Annabel Sadistra enjoys immensely using men's most private places for invasive medical treatments. The prostate or 'P Zone' can bring unrivalled erotic sensations, which can even result in an anal orgasm. Deeply pleasurable sensations, earth-shattering pleasure and the extraction of semen can be undertaken by Dr Sadistra on those with even the smallest opening. Imagine Dr's rubber gloved fingers stroking you inside, probing you, using you, so that you feel devoid of freewill. Dr Annabel will take you to the point of total anal surrender!

The health benefits of this type of massage are outlined below. Find out more and luxuriate in the knowledge that a whole new world of sensations can be opened up to you with a perverse visit to Dr Annabel Sadistra's London's Twisted Clinic.

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