London Medical Saline Infusions

London Medical Saline Infusions. Dr Sadistra has perfected the art of saline infusions for breast and scrotal areas at Her Central London Fetish Clinic.

Imagine the heady intoxication of having full breast augmentation done as part of a transformation treatment, safe in the knowledge that this will dissipate within 24-36 hours. Conversely, Dr Sadistra may prescribe scrotal inflation treatment to allow you to leave her London Clinic with that heavy feeling of full balls dangling between your legs!

Please note both of these treatments are only available after Mistress has spoken to you pre-session and made you aware of the contra-indications and side effects of this type of play. This must be explained and you must be aware. There is an extra charge for this type of play and this type of treatment cannot be rushed. A booking of at least 2 hours is required to complete this treatment in a safe and sane manner.

Click for more information about saline scrotal inflation safety.

London Medical Mistress