Medical Fetish Patient Aftercare

Patient care, medical fetish aftercare, is taken seriously at London's Twisted Clinic.

Patient confidentiality is adhered to at all times. Sterile procedures, long-term individualised care for medical patients and Fetish Asylum inmates can take place over several hours or even days for inpatients at The London Clinic. Bespoke patient care plans provide a basis for Dr Sadistra to assess the suitability for certain clinical treatments and medical fetish procedures going forward.

Medical fetish addiction therapy and anaesthesia roleplay, coupled with mind-control is both encouraged and reinforced by Dr Sadistra, who will entice you into being Her willing medical patient!

A myriad of emotions and repressed memories can be brought to the fore during anaesthesia or enema re-enactment fantasy treatments. It is therefore mandatory that you take a little time to unwind and allow yourself the joy of the loss of control in a safe, sane environment by Dr Annabel. Your visit to this London clinic will never be rushed and you will be made to feel most welcome. It is important to Dr Annabel that you trust her skill to deal with you both mentally and physically.

This fetish Doctor will nurture, invade, and control both your body and mind. However, it is not in her remit to cause you any physical or psychological damage, no matter how hard the style of play. It is both advisable and intelligent to be truthful about any medical conditions you may have and any allergies in order to make our experience both thrilling yet safe. No illegal practices (cutting, branding of skin, any form of intense strangulation, or hanging by the neck) will be entertained by Dr Annabel.

Please also explain if you suffer from any form of post-sessioning sub-drop and Dr Annabel can arrange a time for you to check in with Her later that day or the next day.

Many medical treatments are unseen outside of mainland Europe. Dr Sadistra is also a fully qualified perverted hypno-Domme, which enables her to take over the patients body and mind, within a safe and sane clinical setting.

Important and urgent medical needs are never neglected, and both enforced chastity or, at the other extreme, routine and prolonged cock and prostate milkings can be prescribed for those patients with a large libido.

London Medical Mistress
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