Serious Kit Pulsating Rubber Vacuum Suit

Mistress Annabel has purchased, at great expense, the stunning heavy-rubber suit made by Serious Kit, to pulsate and suck you all over your body, to create some unique and exciting heavy-rubber bondage sensations. Feedback from this suit has so far been excellent, with some very recent tweaks and innovations unique to Mistress Annabel.

This suit can also be electrified for exciting and interesting E-stim on the genitals, nipples, and anus. So if you love rubber, crave bondage, and enjoy E-stim, then this is the suit for you!

A minimum booking of 1.5 hours is required in order to give an unhurried experience, which will build slowly in your minds-eye. This piece of kit can be used in conjunction with the Serious Kit Milker and the Venus 2000. Become Mistress's willing rubber bondage toy!

Further experiments have yielded some very exciting sensations. Have you ever thought about complex head bondage with the Serious Kit custom made hoods, some with attachments for complex breathplay. Feel trapped, feel helpless, and feel vulnerable. Get ready for an adrenaline filled journey!

London Medical Mistress