Luxuriate in ardent breathplay and anaesthesia roleplay beyond your expectations. A huge range of anaesthesia masks and several vintage cyprane inhalers allow Doctor Annabel to take total control in this wonderful futuristic medical space with state-of-the-art equipment. Experience meets integrity coupled with fetishistic passion. What are you kink-hungry medical dreams?

Doctor Annabel now invites you to escape into Her floating world...

Imagine the erotic feelings as the black rubber mask is brought closer to your face, the instruction to breathe deeply in and out takes over your whole psyche. The heavy immersive feelings that start to rise within your soul are paramount as Mistress Annabel slowly takes over your body and mind, one breath at a time.

The retinal circus begins; the sweet smell of the 'aromas' mingle with the mask, you feel vulnerable but totally aroused. Emotions and sensations blend to become one as you fall deeper and deeper under Mistress Annabel's spell.

Breathplay can provide and exhilarating experience for all levels of fetishists and submissives. Total attention to detail, surgical lighting, mood lighting, positioning of mirrors, and spotlessly clean equipment, including roleplay anaesthesia machines, couple to bring you one of the finest medical fetish experiences in the UK.

Please note, only sane, safe, and consensual play is undertaken. Therefore, no play where the risk outweighs any reward. Do not embarrass yourself by asking Mistress for any illegal practices or high risk play, such as strangulation or choke-outs.

London Medical Mistress

Feedback from a Breathplay Aficionado

I have been involved for well over 20 years in a great variety of some very intensive breath play scenes and medical aromas.  I searched long and hard for a Mistress that was genuinely capable & able to deliver a truly hedonistic yet Dominant experience.

The journey starts, you are bound from head to toe in the restraint chair waiting, just waiting, then Mistress Annabel enters the clinic a black aesthetic mask is in her hand, with attached rebreather bag, a few steps more and the mask is gently, but firmly drawn to your face, you are instructed to breath in deeply before it is pushed down on your latex clad face, then securely attached. You breathe out into the rebreather bag and watch intensely as it gently inflates and then start to inhale the heady mixture.  

'Keep breathing for me, deeper, breath deeper' is whispered in to your ears. The aroma starts to work on your head instantly, the pulse quickens and the breathing deepens as you crave the chemical action now taking place in your mind. The arousal, the rush is impossible to resist, the rooms starts to spin and darken as you begin your journey deep down the  vortex into 'being'. 

First the aural delay, then the retinal circus as time slips, sheers and flakes away, future and past states blur, your ability to be aware of what is happening around you diminishes. It feels like you are having the same sensations over and over again. You are stuck in a Mobius loop, without beginning or end. The mind tries to focuses on what it can trust to be real, what is solid, the room, the chair, the straps, the table, the lights, you become aware that your breathing is becoming more rapid as the carbon dioxide from exhaling gently stimulates your respiration. You are losing the battle to remain in control of yourself, you fade away like a phosphorous white dot on an old TV set that has just been turned off.

Before you are aware that the mask has left your face, it is back again perfectly sealed against your face, the aroma much stronger than before. Your weak grip on reality leaves you again, replaced with vivid mental substitutes and constructs, whether it is a giant molten crystal cave, a room alive with movement and energy or a tight and dark underground restrictive tunnel, your conciseness is alone, separated from care about what is actually happening to your body any more.  Now there is only your thoughts and evocative whispered words of Mistress Annabel. 

You hear a voice telling you to raise your head, a black rubber spider harness is placed behind it, the black mask descends again and is then tightly bound for a perfect seal, but this time it is different. Your breathing slows there is no stimulation from your expired breath now, just the pleasant resistant of breathing down long corrugated hoses, which you see looped above your head you feel yourself becoming much more numb, falling into a much deeper sense of an alternate reality. An out of body experience is really close now, a few more breaths and then into the eye of the storm, from the darkness of night into the blinding and peacefully warm sunlight of day, the Nexus, the place you never never want to leave not for a second has become your only perception of reality. Full dissociation between your mind and your body. Pain and pleasure merge, you are now frozen in a singular moment, a second can last an hour, and an hour can last a second. Now Mistress Annabel can do anything she wants to you,nothing else matters in the moment it is quiet literally not your body any more. Your mind is fluid, shaped, directed and controlled by Mistress Annabel. Your session has now truly started, now you never want it to stop...

You have entered a state of blissful submission ready to ride a cascade of emotions and sensations all under Mistress Annabel's watchful control. Breathplay kink, pushes you into an altered state of consciousness, you become one, your mind unable to formulate and dissect anything. In that moment you are immaculate.

London Medical Mistress

From 10am until late 7 days a week. Serious applicants only. Fees at the upper end of the scale, due to the attention to detail and excellent authentic medical facilities that await you. Central London zone 1 location. Discretion guaranteed. Fees for medical breathplay start at £300 per hour.

email: creative_intelligentsia [at]


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