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Mistress Annabel London Ultimate Hypno Domme Erotic Hypnosis. Mind-control erotica, delayed orgasms, denied orgasms, hypnotic trance, post hypnotic triggers.

Mistress has taken many long hours to learn and perfect the science of erotic hypnosis to become London's Ultimate Hypno-Domme. Let your thoughts and fantasies break free, you will eventually surrender and slip past all resistance to become a deeply brainwashed, completely hypnotised male toy; all for Dr Sadistra's pleasure. It will become so easy to enter the world of mind-control erotica, where delayed orgasms, denied orgasms, or multiple orgasms, are attained in a deep state of hypnotic trance; with post hypnotic trigger, stimulating your deepest sexual arousal!

Imagine a beautiful dominant woman toying with your mind, increasing your body sensitivity, pulling you deeper and deeper and deeper into trance. I will lead your mind back and forth, alternating between total amnesia, erotic arousal, and brink-of-orgasm. Even the most challenging subject will be reduced to my toy. Brain washing you for my own pleasure, implanting post-hypnotic triggers beyond your expectations! My ethos of strengthening addictions and breaking learned behaviour will mean that you fall under my spell and will be constantly yearning for more. Hypno-orgasms and increased body sensitivity are just two of the expected outcomes from your hypno-domme session.

Imagine being ruined in an unfathomable way… Once under Mistress Annabel's control, nothing else will matter. Complex triggers will be implanted into your subconscious mind, which will be whipped into a frenzy with Her hypnotic suggestions. The anticipation of being edged further and further, your cock throbbing, your balls aching, your whole body and mind on heat with suppressed arousal. Ruined orgasms, delayed orgasms, and mental chastity can take place until Mistress Annabel wishes you to perform to Her exacting wishes. Condemning your manhood and libido to total control by this world-class London hypno-Domme. Are you ready to be edged, teased, and ultimately denied?

Using hypnosis and the Novo Pro 100 (sometimes both) to control the behaviour and often uncouth and urgent desires of highly intelligent and articulate alpha males. There can be absolutely no aversion to My will, it will become so easy for Me to control and bind and enhance devotion from you! Time will pass, your fate will be sealed!

From the moment the Hypno session begins you will find yourself falling deeper under my spell. I will apply sexual conditioning metaphors (known as triggers) to impact upon your behaviour in the most benign way…however, you will never reject the trigger and will enjoy the intense jolt in your sexuality it will bring!! Soft, sometimes strict and erotic yet wildly exciting!!

Treatments include orgasm control, libido enhancement, enforced sissification and feminisation of the body and mind, reduction of ego and delusions, anal addiction, and deeply erotic humiliation, exhibitionism training and enhancement.

Let Mistress be your fate, your one truly impetuous and lascivious decision. Discover what it is like to be hypnotised in realtime and change your fantasies and dreams with deeply erotic hypnosis.

Dr Sadistra believes that dreaming is an amazing demonstration of your mind's ability to simulate reality. During sleep, the deepest trance state that you are in is when you're dreaming. REM of dreaming is also very often observed by Dr Sadistra during hypnosis. This can be replicated by a range of techniques, taking a therapeutic approach to tap deep into your unconscious responses, including the use of tactile bilateral stimulation. Are you ready to meet a real Hypno-Domme, who will incite your deepest desires?

Fees from £240 per hour, discretion guaranteed sessions available in Twisted Clinic or Hypnosis Lounge.

NB: Fee is for Hypno Session only – no medical disposables, anaesthesia, or breath control play! If this is required, the appropriate hourly rate must be paid, which is between £250-280 per hour.

London Medical Mistress
Erotic hypnotherapist Doctor Annabel leaves nothing to chance.
You will fall deeper and deeper into the circle of submission!

Mistress Annabel London Ultimate Hypno Domme Erotic Hypnosis. Mind-control erotica, delayed orgasms, denied orgasms, hypnotic trance, post hypnotic triggers. NLP hypnosis inductions allow you the right to obey. You may sample a hypnosis session without getting involved in triggers. Please convey this to Dr Annabel at the time of our meeting.

Erotic Hypnosis a journey in learning to be truly in the moment
- A Review by Patient J

I experienced another blind blowing session with Dr Sadistra yesterday, I came away feeling elated, lighter, completely unburdened. I am not going to write a review of our session per se, but rather an explanation of my journey, guided by the wonderful voice of Mistress Annabel.

I have been a "hypno-fetishist" for many years and have sought answers to questions thrown up by my own unique proclivities. Through Mistress Annabel and a number of sessions, these questions have disappeared. I often wondered why I craved such a level of trance and now I know. The place this wonderful Lady takes me is almost beyond words. For those couple of hours I am a Human being not a Human doing!

I am 52 now and for the first time in my life, in these moments I am fully able to just let go, to just be, not think or analyse, but to just surrender and quite frankly it is blissful. Ethereal almost. There are no thoughts of my own, just Mistress Annabel's beautiful voice & the amazing sensations she creates. It's as if my left brain, which I refer to sometimes as "the itty bitty shitty committee" is somehow switched off by Mistress Annabel. Just my right brain and the feelings. And what feelings, wow! I felt myself sliding, floating, one moment heavy, the next light. Sensations heightened, but somehow I was still able, under her guidance to just surrender to that pleasure. I have found many times with erotic hypnosis, that when the arousal begins, it can bring me out of that trance and my mind begins to analyse what is going on. Not here though. Here it's just a peaceful arousal, a calm, relaxed arousal, not tense or anxious, no over working of my mind. Just sweet surrender.

I've also realised as I am writing this, that there were triggers used which worked instantly. No thinking about it, when Mistress Annabel said the trigger, my body just responded. I believe I may have been, ahem, moaning and groaning a bit!

It is my own personal belief that the biggest mystery in the Universe is consciousness and I really don't know where my own consciousness goes in these sessions, but I do know (and I am no Buddhist) that it is Nirvana.

Time ebbs away, and the feelings build. I have complete faith and trust in Mistress Annabel and because of this, the depth is even more profound. I really feel that for me one of the hardest things in such a busy life, is to be truly in the moment. Through this journey of hypnotic discovery and surrender I have learned that it is actually possible. Everything from the way the room is lit, the background music selected to the aromas given shows fantastic attention to detail.

There are some rather interesting side effects too. I was always in to leather, but now rubber seems to win out in my kinky fabric of choice. Mistress has it would appear planted some delicious post hypnotic triggers too and things that used to excite and arouse me are now amplified.

I cannot wait to return and surrender again to this beautiful Goddess.

Trigger Placement & Addiction Session
- A Review by Slave C

My search for a Dominatrix who specialises in the use of hypnosis lead me to Mistress Annabel. As those who enjoy this particular fetish will attest, there are very few skilled practitioners in this particular area – practitioners who deploy 'real' hypnosis techniques.

Upon my arrival at Mistress's discreet Chambers, I was greeted and soon put at ease during a pre-session discussion. I have to say that being somewhat of a novice, I explained that I was very much 'a blank canvas' and would like to experiment with the use of post-hypnotic suggestion. It was apparent that Mistress knew her subject, and whilst it appeared no more than a polite chit-chat, our initial discussion was no doubt designed by Mistress to elicit responses that she would put to good use later. I have to admit that there was somewhat of an evil twinkle in Mistresses eye as she left the room to allow me to relax in my surroundings.

Eventually, I was lead through to a room and invited to view a television upon which images of large breasted women were displayed and given firm instructions to view the screen. I was a little perplexed. However, I have since come to realise that nothing is ever without purpose when in Mistresses domain; the focus of my attention would later become clear!

My recollection of being placed in trance is a little hazy; suffice to say that I soon went under and enjoyed a pleasant and safe sensation of 'falling' The speed at which Mistress induced trance was no doubt accelerated by her experience and use of a Novo Pro 100 device, which via oscillating light and sound renders the wearer increasingly susceptible to suggestion. It also enabled Mistress to address my subconscious using a microphone and lightweight headphone unit. Undoubtedly, this made the whole induction process rapid and intense.

As for the session – Mistress began with what she later referred to as my 'reprogramming'. Perhaps the invitation to experiment was taken by Mistress literally! As I write this review, I cannot recall all that was said whilst in trance. All sense of time evaporated. However, one particular trigger included that I would become obsessed with large breasted women. This was a trigger of Mistresses own choosing. Why Mistress chose this trigger for me, I know not. Maybe Mistress has further 'reprogramming' to undertake during the future sessions I feel compelled to attend.

Only now, several weeks after my initial session am I beginning to realise the full extent of Mistress's influence. However, I have truly become fascinated by large breasts to the point of obsession; which I am a little ashamed to say has included constantly viewing online pictures of 'big-tits' and for the first time, I felt compelled to visit a local 'massage parlour' to enjoy a what I found myself requesting and referring to as a 'tit-wank' Neither are activities I have ever engaged in previously; it is without doubt 'triggered' behaviour. The colour pink especially also has an arousing and newly acquired fascination. Why? Well, at the moment I know not, but it is certainly more than a coincidence that whenever I see large breasts in a pink top, I have developed an overwhelming urge to masturbate regardless of my surroundings which on more than one occasion has proved particularly embarrassing!

All I can say is that if you are seeking a Mistress who uses hypnosis to its full effect, then look no further than Mistress Annabel. However, this review must come with a warning – be very careful. Any post hypnotic triggers will have a profound effect and you may never feel your behaviour is truly your own again!

From 10am until late 7 days a week. Serious applicants only. Fees at the upper end of the scale, due to the attention to detail and excellent authentic medical facilities that await you. Central London zone 1 location. Discretion guaranteed.

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