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London Medical Clinic, medical breathplay with London Medical Mistress. Undergo kinky medicals in the gummi klinik with Doctor Annabel, including medical roleplay, clinical bondage, medical fetish procedures.

The concept behind the creation of the London Clinic has been several years in the making. Mistress Annabel has always gravitated towards both mental and physical domination. Many, many clients from all corners of the globe remark that their experience is unrivalled elsewhere. In order to progress to a level beyond that, Mistress Annabel has taken the time and finances to build London's most decadent London Clinic. Attention to detail and exacting methods have allowed the development of many unique and bespoke predicaments and complications. This is a truly unique holistic experience, with full medical protocol adhered to should this be your ardent desire as a patient of Dr Annabel.

London Medical Mistress
London Medical Fetish Clinic.

All new visitors to the Clinic will have a consultation, face-to-face with the Doctor, every time they visit. A full range of medical gowns, both disposable, cotton, and latex, are available dependant on your particular fetishes and requirements.

London Medical Mistress
Cold steel instruments await medical fetishists.

Your experience at the Twisted Clinic is akin to Hotel California: 'you can check out, but you can never leave.'

The Twisted Clinic does not have set opening and closing times. It operates on a much more interesting and perverse basis. There are no clocks at the Twisted Clinic and time is off no consequence. However, Doctor Sadistra undertakes an exacting screening process and therefore interests must be aligned in order for any prospective patient and his or her body and mind to be of medical interest to the Bitch Doctor!

London Medical Mistress
Rubber Nurse Annabel deals with a bizarre rubber-loving duo in Her black rubber operating theatre.
Full rubber overload, gummi klinik scenes undertaken with skill and integrity to heighten all of those feelings of loss of control and fetishistic delight.

The following medical procedures are available:


Dr Sadistra can link you up to her perverted ECG machine to give you the full medical fetish experience, share the excitement of your racing heart on the big screen.


Imagine your libido being totally controlled by Dr Annabel Sadistra by means of mechanical milking. The Serious Kit stainless steel milker, with over fifteen different attachments (receivers) to suit all sizes of manhood, is the ultimate tease-and-denial device, which will take you to the edge repeatedly before sucking you dry or erotically electrifying you for Dr Sadistra's pleasure. Venus 2000, with over twenty different receivers (some e-stim), can tip you into multi-ejaculate nirvana. Imagine the retinal circus of being milked and stimulated and, perhaps, even anaesthetised for this wicked medical Mistress's pleasure. Sessions available for tease-and-denial and multiple milkings up to six hours!


7 different boxes, including ErosTech 312B, 302R, and ET232 and over 40 different attachments from companies such as ErosTech, E-Stim, PES, Folsom. Mistress Annabel is a lover of E-Stim and does not believe that it should be confined to the genitals or rectum.


Retaining, punishing, or erotic. How far can you go? How much can you take? Learn the secrets of erotic retention under the Bitch Doctor's watchful gaze. Klismaphilia beyond your wildest expectations. Many interesting and alluring blends of fluids to give different sensations deep inside.


Whether this is part of a 'normal' medical treatment and connected to a leg-bag or, perhaps, a urine re-breathing device, or a deeply invasive nasal or stomach catheter for forced-feeding, there could be tubes and lube all over your body.


Every single item is sterile pre-packed one-use-only. Mistress can show you this in your pre-session interview should you need extra assurance. Clinical staples allow Mistress to execute a sex-change operation in a matter of minutes with outstanding results. All guages of needles are available and there are butterfly needles available for saline infusions. Epidural needles that will make even the most hardened of pain slut's eyes water! Up to 140 needles can be placed in various parts of the human anatomy and threaded together for the ultimate in medical predicament bondage. Electrification of fine needles, especially at high frequency, gives new erotic sensations.


Breath reduction is possible with a excellent array of rubber re-breathing bags and masks in all sizes from one litre through to six litre. More advanced players can try the many anaesthetic options available or indeed the unique breath-control gas. This will mimic the exciting journey of auto-erotic asphyxiation without the associated physical risks of manual strangulation. Dr Sadistra is the only medical Mistress currently offering this breath-control gas in the UK. Safe and sane breath-control with a world-class medical Mistress. Medical breathplay is an area of supreme interest and intellect to Dr Sadistra and the London Clinic is robustly equipped for all anaesthesia roleplay fetishes with you as the willing medical patient. Proper aftercare is given, to mean that you will never be rushed once you have finished your treatment with the Doctor. In fact, many patients are encouraged to take a warm bath and have a sweet drink in order to bring their blood-sugar levels back to normal.


Genital, head, or body shaving will make you seem sheer and emasculated, all for Mistress Annabel's pleasure. Rubber, nylon, and lycra all feel utterly exquisite against freshly shaven skin.


Rosebud, Van Buren, and Dittel sounds in full sets can be found at the Twisted Clinic. Also available are one-use-only pre-packed sterile sounds made of plastic for those who wish to take their instrument home with them as a memento and prelude to their next visit.


How far have you been 'taken'? Deeply invasive, massively erotic. Imagine a moment where Mistress Annabel is controlling your impending orgasm by her fist. Speculums and prothescopes in both cold-surgical-steel or one-use-only pre-packed sterile, allow the dilation to begin. Furthermore, dildos and butt-plugs, up to large continental sizes are de rigueur.


Image some moments in time where you are completely helpless. All or some of your sensations have been deprived for another's pleasure. Many custom-made devices and items, some of which are unique to the Twisted Clinic, will take you to another world. It is not just as simple as a blindfold! Furthermore, the NovoPro100 allows endless possibilities for hypno-play and erotic or sadistic mind-control, coupled with E-Stim. Mistress Annabel does not wish to divulge many of these treatments online as they are concepts, which are unique in the UK or sometimes worldwide.


Please see the special section on Twisted Clinic for further information. Moreover, you can be confidently assured that Mistress Annabel has the largest and most decadent collection of gummi/latex/rubber in the UK. Think Peter Czernich's 'White Room' series and you will be close to Mistress Annabel's reality.


Watersports delivered either for purposes of humiliation or consumption. Golden enemas, urine re-breathing and therapies, the list is endless. Mistress Annabel guarantees at least one litre of watersports during your session. Special rubber urinal suit with attached watersports gasmask allow both golden shower fetishists and rubber fetishists the excitement of two treatments brought together with a unique twist.

For those who enjoy urinary recycling, catheters and leg-bags can be coupled with naso-tubes for forced-consumption of your own champagne, as well as that of Mistress.

Many of the golden-showers treatments offered by Doctor Sadistra are unique to London's Twisted Clinic.


Using sterile sodium chloride of clinical standard, have your bladder filled and expanded and then drained using a sterile one-use catheter and for the more perverse patient, enjoy the sensation of full urine recycling.


Should you wish to know what these are and how Mistress Annabel uses them, make your enquiry for the most chilling of bondage sessions today. No more information is available, as Mistress Annabel is tired of her innovations being copied by other practitioners.


Both the Venus 2000 and Serious Kit Milker are available to milk both your nipples and your cock or pussy for Mistress's intense satisfaction. Suction pulsation tubs (milkers) are available in a whole range of sizes to give you the most intense experience under Mistress Annabel's expert control. This can be coupled with an electrical milker for double the sensation play: furthermore, linking it up to anus or nipples can make your whole body pulsate and electrify. Are you ready for this?


Several areas of the body can be infused with sterile bags of saline up to 1L. Scrotal infusion and sex-change therapies, including semi-permanent breast enlargements for gender reassignment are undertaken with medical skill and clinical sterility. Dare you enter the outside world with a female form undertaken by Doctor Sadistra.


Have you taken your meds? Are you enthralled or scared about the level of pain-management afforded to you? Does your mind run wild with fear and adrenaline when thinking about the evil treatments that could take place in the Medical Asylum at London's Twisted Clinic? Have you ever been put into heavy clinical restraint and your breath controlled by a dominant female doctor with absolutely no desire to listen to your protestations? Is the thought of being medically mummified something that breaks you out in a cold sweat, forcing you to face your fears of claustrophobia?

An essential and imaginative list of therapies await those who crave the fear-factor in any medical appointment. This is not for the faint-hearted, but becomes highly addictive when mixed with a heady dose of sexual allure and calm controlled medical knowledge, expressly prescribed by Doctor Sadistra. Contact Doctor Sadistra with your most secret and bizarre medical practices for a definitive diagnosis of treatments available to you.


After reaching puberty, most male patients have an insane preoccupation with erections and masturbation, often repeatedly sticking objects inside their anus, down their wee-holes and manically stroking their penises in a repeated quest for sexual satisfaction. Doctor Sadistra finds this type of preoccupation distracts from an errant male's main concern, which should be to work extremely hard to make the dominant female's life much more comfortable and luxurious.

Thus, strict action is required to stem the ever-flowing jets of sperm emanating from a weak-willed male patient! There are a huge range of chastity devices housed at London's Twisted Clinic, ever ready to be fitted by the Bitch Doctor should She deem this necessary.

Just how long do you dare to desire the horror of being unable to reach any type of sexual satisfaction? A small monetary deposit is required for this type of therapy.


From 10am until late 6 days a week. Serious applicants only. Fees at the upper end of the scale, due to the attention to detail and excellent authentic medical facilities that await you. £300-320/hour. Central London zone 1 location. Discretion guaranteed.

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